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This site is chronicling Peter Gostelow’s cycling tour through Africa. I followed Peter’s last tour from Japan to his home in the UK and it was incredible. He’s a great photographer so that keeps it really interesting.

I’ve been keeping up with this blog for a little while now and he seems to have similar tastes to me. He’s really up on the stuff he posts and I find myself anxiously awaiting his next post.

This is a website that hosts touring journals. I’ve written a few blogs for it during some previous tours. It’s not the prettiest website but it houses a wealth of information.

Anything you want you can find here. It’ll cost you but if you’re looking for imported bike parts or new old stock hard to find components euroasia is the your bet.

This is a great source for touring products from a knowledgeable and honest cyclist from a shop in New Hampshire. He gets deals on stuff that noone else can get in the US.

I don’t think anyone has ever or will ever compile such a huge amount of information on bicycles. Sheldon Brown was the most informed person in the world of cycling. RIP

This guy has done some crazy stuff and continues to amaze me. Some really interesting tours on this site.

Adventure Cycling Association has done a lot for the sport of Bicycle touring and continues to. I’ll admit we all have complained about the routes on their maps a time or two but they continue to put out quality maps and advocate cycling.

Always opinionated, sometimes informative, but always worth a read.

A good friend’s blog about frame building. He’s really putting out some nice stuff lately and given some more years of steady work could end up being one of the best.

A very active long distance cyclist blog chronicling his daily life and providing some personal accounts of Rando rides.

A couple taking off on a tour with no route and no end in sight. Great photos and some candid stories of life on the road.

Local Running store chain that I frequent. They sponsor tons of races and host weekly runs of differing lengths.

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