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Author Biographies

We decided to write each other’s bios.


Tracy’s running career started the way most things start for girls, as a lie told to impress a boyfriend. “Run, ha of course I run, all the time!” Being a deceitful person who also never gives up she quickly took up running on a course that in a few short weeks would convince this boy that she’d been running for years. Running would become the best thing that Tracy got out of that relationship. A close second would be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive a Lamborghini.

In a few years her interest in running blossomed into a lifestyle that included regular 10k races. This whole time she was working and was a full-time student.
In 2006 she decided it was time to step up her training and try to run the inaugural ING Marathon in Atlanta which would take place in the spring of 2007. She trained hard, too hard, developing tiny fractures in her tibia. This was a huge blow to her ego and halted her progress for 7 months.
But, this was a blessing in disquise because while swimming for rehab she found a new sport. As her interest and endurance grew the idea of a triathlon began to seem enticing.

In 2008 and 09 with her injuries and grad school behind her she began running again on a regular basis, but now had a better understanding of her body and how to keep it functioning properly.
This time the goal wouldn’t be a marathon, now her interests had shifted to triathlons. In 2009 Tracy completed her first triathlon. Over the course of the season she’d compete in four triathlons placing second in her age group in two of them. Although she also enjoys cycling now, her main focus continues to be running. Her most recent accomplishments include a  second in her age group (20-29) finish in a 10k in Sonoma County California.

Currently, Tracy is using her recently earned Masters in Gerontology in a research job and is embarking on her second quest for 26.2 in the same marathon that left her injured and unable to run in 2007, the Atlanta ING Marathon.

Sean’s Bio

Sean’s life began as a sport when he learned at a young age that he would need to compete with his 8 other siblings in order to get food. As he has gotten older and the years have passed, he is no longer in competition for food, but he chooses to participate in more typical activities such as running, biking, and a few things in between. Here is a brief history:

Christmas of 1988 changed his life when Santa delivered a nice shiny freestyle bike a Kuwahara magician EX. This became Sean’s new hobby and led to a lifetime of bike enthusiasm.freestyle_catalog3
In high school he changed it up a bit when he discovered rock climbing. He liked the thrill of getting high on either the indoor rock wall or the great outdoors.
A little later, in his late teens, Sean embarked upon another sport in which he excelled, Cross Country Skiing, he participated in several events over the course of a few years winning several events including the Pennsylvania nordic championship in 1996
His cross country skiing career would end however, because in 1999  he moved to the great city of Atlanta where no one has even heard of snow, much less cross country skiing.
Upon settling into his new city Sean began his lucrative and safe career as a bike messenger and continued in this profession until 2004.
Then, something really exciting! Sean began touring fascinating places on his bike.
The first one occurred in 2006. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my Wealth, Power, and Inequality class when Sean’s girlfriend walked in. I could see by the look on her face that something was wrong. I inquired and learned that she and Sean had broken up. I was so sad. But then… Sean decided that same day to leave for a tour across the entire United States. What a way to deal with a break-up, huh? His travels took him east to Savannah where he dipped his tire in the Atlantic ocean before heading back west to dip his tire in the Pacific. His travels across the US can be found here.
Next up was a 2007 tour to Key West. Sounds fun, right?leapoffaith Sean thought so and when he reached Key West, he lept into the ocean as a celebratory gesture… only to end up in the ER with a broken leg. Not the kind of ending to this trip that he was anticipating. If you’re as fascinated as me, read about it here.
After he healed and in 2008, he decided to ride across China! And, although this trip did not end (or begin) with any disasters, it was pretty awesome. You can read all about his China tour here.
2009 has brought some changes for Sean. He did his first Randonneuring Brevet in the spring, decided to start running in the summer, and also completed his first triathlon not long after he started running.
His list of future goals include: Marathon, Trail Running races, completing this years randoneuring series, and whatever else finds his was into his life.
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