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Week 7 and beyond…

March 20, 2010

Well after week 7 I sort of feel off the training schedule. The holidays came and went the cold weather came and went and here I am the day before the marathon having trained hard only for the last month and a half. I took about 2 1/2 month off of training due to a lack of motivation and an injured knee. With only one or the other of the aforementioned ailments I could have pushed on but with both it made training nearly impossible for me. I’ haven’t run more than 15 miles in my training but feel pretty confident that I’ll be able to finish. I’ve tried to add more medium runs during the week and not so long long runs on mondays. I ran about 7 or 8 miles during the week and only a 10 or 12 mile long run. I think increasing overall volume helped me to train more an recover faster rather than a day off before and after a long run and another day of easy running to recover. I did two weeks of 40 miles and one of around 35. I also started sporting a knee brace which kind of embarrasses me but I think makes me feel better whether it’s all mental, physical or a little of both is still to be determined. This had been the worst part of the long runs for me, knee pain had plagued me after 12 miles and on into the week early on so I think this is a good plan for me.It’s been tough to go from the beginning when I’d tell people about my training and they’d assure me I’d have no problem with the milage I’d been putting in to now when people would give me a doubtful, pitying and concerned look when I told them I haven’t run over 15 miles. It’s really hurt my confidence but it’s also acted as both a reality check and a challenge.

My plan for tomorrow is simple: wake up early and eat a good breakfast, show up and find my starting corral, then just run, stay hydrated and focused. I have friends at mile 8, 11, and 22 for support. My main concerns are nutrition during the race and chaffing. It’s been saying rain all week but it looks like the thunderstorms should hold off until the end of the race. Here it goes race day is quickly approaching and my nerves are getting worse the cloer zero hour comes.

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