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Atlanta Track Club Resolution Run 10k 01/01/2010

January 1, 2010

ATC Resolution Run 10k

It was a cold, windy morning, new years day 2010. I put on my warm gear and headed to Kennesaw, Georgia, which google maps said was a 22 mile ride from my midtown house. Whenever I  have to drive this far I get very afraid that my car will not make it, but alas, the Civic did it’s job and I arrived safely.

The Resolution Run is part of the Atlanta Track Club’s Grand Prix Series of races. This is the first year that they charged for this race, and it turned out to be a large group of people. This race included a 10k, 5k, 1 mile fun run, and kids tiny trot. It was nice to be able to watch the kids do their thing before everyone else took off for the longer distances.

The race started right on time in the windy weather. The 5k and 10k took  off together and ran the same route (the 10k participants just did two loops instead of one). This route was not my ideal route as it had long steady hills. Not very steep hills, just really long ones. I don’t mind hills, I just like short, steep hills better. Anyway, there was water at about the two mile mark at the top of one of those long hills. This was great for me  because it allowed me a quick break from the hill to get re-hydrated.

I had a goal of finishing under 50 minutes, but as I reached the six mile mark, I was right at 49:11 and knew I wouldn’t make the last .2 miles in less than 50 seconds, but I sure did try. I was able to sprint past a nice group of people to finish in a clock time of 50:20 (tag time of 50:13). So, I was over my goal time by just a little, but that just means I need to work that much harder on my next race.

This was a great race. The Atlanta Track Club really knows how to plan and carry out a very well organized race. They never fail a the task of running a smooth event. I also like the ChronoTrack D-Tag timing system that they bought. Now we don’t have to fill out cards anymore!

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