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Atlanta’s Race 2 Recycle

November 16, 2009

Race 2 Recycle BannerOn Saturday, November 14, 2009 at Piedmont Park, Keep Atlanta Clean and Beautiful held their annual Race 2 Recycle. There were two other races that I wanted to do today, the Strong Legs 10k and the Serenbe Trail Run. I passed up both of those for this because this was in Piedmont Park and therefore the closest race to me.

The 5k started at 8:30 AM, so I got there at 8 AM to register and hang around. Race day registration went smoothly, and the volunteers were very kind.

When it came time to line up for the race, they told us to go to the starting line, but it wasn’t marked, so we all walked a little too far before they turned us around. There were some people that started at the front of the pack, that were a little out of place, and made the start a bit hectic, but it happened quickly and everyone began without incident.

The race made two loops around the lake and the active oval at the park. I looked at the race course ahead of time, and I know Piedmont Park very well, because that is where I run 90% of the time, but a lot of other people don’t run here and needed some guidance of where to turn. This is where the race course monitors would have come in handy. I made the first loop, no problem, but had to prompt the monitor at the final turn to tell me where to turn, he seemed confused and at the very last second, advised me to turn left to get to the finish.

I got across the finish line and set a personal record for myself for a 5k (22:58), but then heard some people talking about how they only did one lap and were told to turn before they got to do their second lap. They filled out their cards, anyway and went about enjoying snacks and coffee. When it came to the awards ceremony, I was pretty sure I had placed in my age group (because I got a good time and I was only the second card in my box) but I didn’t place at all. I was a little sad, but I also understand that *gasp* I can’t win at everything.

I do however, think that some major things went wrong with this race. The start line was the first problem, the course monitors were the second, and finally, there wasn’t a sign or person indicating which side of the finish was for men and which was for women.

I like smaller races, but I don’t think that I would participate in this one again. Too much disorganization and it seems that there was a lot of improper planning.

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