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Cho-Pat Shin Splint Compression Sleeve

November 12, 2009

Compression Sleeves! There’s been a lot of buzz about these things. I, personally am not a believer, but… some people are and that is fine.


Shin Splint Compression Sleeve - Cho-Pat - Two foam core straps

Cho Pat Shin Splint Compression Sleeve

What  I want to talk about today is the Cho-Pat shin splint compression sleeve. A couple of years ago I got a stress fracture. After I went through my “healing” process I read some literature that suggested wrapping an injury, such as a stress fracture, would help keep the injury from getting worse.


At the time, there weren’t all these fancy 2XU or Zensah sleeves out there. The only thing that existed (at least that I could find) was this Cho-Pat sleeve. I wore this thing for about two years straight (when running) and I really think it did a lot to stop any more damage I was doing to my leg when I went running.

Here are a few things about this sleeve and why I think it is great:
First of all, it is tight. I mean, really tight. My doctor explained that the tighter I can keep the muscles, the less they will pull on my bone (which was causing me problems). This sleeve certainly does the trick. It is hard to get on and close to impossible to get off.
It has two Velcro straps, one at the top and one at the bottom, these padded straps also help to absorb some of the impact as you run.
It lasts. As I mentioned, I wore mine for every run for two years. I had to wash it all the time and, while it does show some signs of wear, it is still functioning and will likely last another two years.

If you have real “shin splints” I would have to say that this is the way to go. The other products out there are just not tight enough to do the trick. I don’t see how they can be effective.

I have a small leg and purchased a size medium. If you feel like it is too loose you can always try washing it in hot water. That will shrink it down a little.


Shin Splint Compression Sleeve - Cho-Pat - Two foam core straps

They make it in black!

When I bought this, it was about $20. I didn’t like the white color, I thought it looked too medical, so I bought some pink RIT dye and got to coloring. I like it better in pink. BUT, I just noticed that Cho-Pat now makes this model in black. I would have totally bought the black one if they had it a few years ago.


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