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PsychoCross Race review

November 2, 2009

On a rainy Halloween afternoon I took a trip a little south of the city to watch the 1st annual Psycho cross race held in the infield of the Dick Lane Velodrome.

The velodrome was dressed as a cyclosross course for halloween

The velodrome was dressed as a cyclosross course for halloween


Where's Waldo?

Originally I wanted to enter this race but due to the C’s racing earliest and me working till 4am the night before I decided to take it in as a spectator. It was just a light drizzle when I arrived around 2 in the afternoon and around 60 degrees. To avid cyclocross racer’s this is probably on the warmer end of the spectrum for this sport, but for the Georgia boys this was a cold day. I arrived in the middle of the master’s race which was pretty exciting. The course had already been beaten up by the C’s and the juniors so it was nice and muddy for the older guys to race. It was pretty cool to see the Velodrome transformed into a cyclocross course. It started on the edge of the track and went up a hill past the concession stand and around behind that building rising up to the back gate and weaving through a couple trees before crossing back over the road and back down across the track. It then did about a 3/4 lap around the track on the flat part at the bottom were you ride when you’re dropped in a track race. It zig-zagged through the infield on and off pavement and included the barrier portion of the course here before heading over a climb that had become insanely muddy and slippery, many tried to climb it (on there bikes) but I never saw anyone get closer than four feet from the top. The course looked awesome and seemed to keep everyone on their toes. About 2 laps before the bell lap in the master’s race it started pouring, all the spectators crowded under the pavillion and the race really started getting messy. Once the B’s race began it had stopped raining again but picked pack up soon into that race.IMG_4456

I had a good time which could have been better had I not been anticipating work a few hours later. I wish I had the whole day off so I could have had a few beers and enjoyed myself more. There were only a few guys in costumes racing which was  a little of a disappointment but I can understand with all the preparation on race morning not wanting to add anything else to it. Overall a great inaugural event and I can only imagine with the fast growing sport of cyclocross and Atlanta’s growing cycling community at large that this event will only get better as the years go by.

This is not my video just one I found on youtube.

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