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Rain and Running?

October 30, 2009

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Atlanta Track Club‘s Run around the Rock 5M/10M/15M race at Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, Georgia. One of the many perks of being an Atlanta Track Club member is that their Grand Prix series of races are free. I like free.

I am a little nervous about the race tomorrow, not because of the distance or the route, but because of the torrential rain that the forecasters have predicted for the area tomorrow morning. And, for the record, I am not afraid of rain, what I am most afraid of is getting my shoes and orthotics wet.

When I first got my orthotics (and shelled out $400 for them) I was told to try not to get them wet. There will, undoubtedly, be a lot of rain tomorrow and I know my shoes/orthotics are going to get very wet.

So, it is time to get my anxiety in check and get ready to deal with some nasty weather in the morning as I embark on the 10M run around Stone Mountain.

I am also curious who will show up for the race. Do only the elite/competitive runners show up to do a race in the rain? Is it going to be more amateur people?

I’ll certainly provide an update after the race. I’m excited!

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