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Nike Tempo Running Shorts

October 26, 2009

When I started running in 2003, I bought my first pair of running shorts. They were from Nike, but they weren’t like the shorts they have now. They were made of some sort of cotton-like fabric. They were super tight, but they were cute. Over the years I  have lost these shorts, but now I have some of their Tempo shorts. Actually, Nike calls these “Tempo Track Women’s Running Shorts” and they are basically their most popular running short. If you click on their link you will find that they are made in every color you can imagine, and, oddly enough, Nike’s website is currently listing every single pair as “out of stock.” Hummm, it has got to be difficult to move product if there is nothing in stock to sell. When they are in stock, these shorts retail for $28.

Anyway, one of the best things happened to me the other day. I was looking in my closet where on one of my shelves, I keep all of my running/ workout attire. I had been missing a pair of my favorite shorts (the older version of the Tempo short) for a couple of years.

There they are! My Favorite old Nike Tempo shorts!

There they are! My Favorite old Nike Tempo shorts!

I happen to look under the shelf and see a glimmer of black nylon with white borders. YES! I found my favorite old shorts! I was ecstatic and quickly removed them from the bottom of the pile of clothes. This got me thinking about the semi-recent evolution of this short.

Nike Tempo Old Full View

Old Nike Tempo Running Shorts, without extra fabric for pooch.

The Tempo short of five years ago (the ones that I located at the bottom of my closet shelf) fit just a little different than the current Tempo short. The current pair have all this extra fabric on the front of the shorts. It is hard to describe, but imagine they were making room for extra stomach fat, or a “pooch.” The first time I put these on I was a little dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe they would build in this extra fabric for a pooch. I was disappointed, but decided to buy the new one’s anyway because I needed a pair of shorts.

Old Nike Tempo Shorts, Side View. Remember these?

Old Nike Tempo Shorts, Side View. Remember these?

The new Tempo shorts are the one’s you see everywhere. The sides look like this:

New Nike Temp Running Shorts. These are everywhere.

New Nike Temp Running Shorts. These are everywhere.

I was running in the new one’s for a long time, and I still use them, but the weird extra fabric has become a little uncomfortable and I have found a new brand that I adore. I’ll write about those in the near future. Today’s post is simply to pay tribute to the fallen older version of the Nike Tempo shorts. These will now be back in my regular rotation. I will hold them together with safety pins for as long as I can.

Safety pins do the trick with stitching comes loose.

Safety pins do the trick when stitching comes loose.

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