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Poison Ivy Cure

October 24, 2009

I am 28 years old and had never in my life had poison ivy, until a few weeks ago. Initially I didn’t know what it was so I called my brother and told him he needed to give his dogs a flea bath because I thought the little red bumps on me were flea bites. I had to later call back and apologize because I was way wrong.

I had poison ivy. I had it up and down both arms, on my stomach and hips, on my left thigh and on my right ankle. I would have never guessed how itchy it would be. It was absolutely crazy.

I came in contact with the poison ivy on Tuesday when helping a friend in her yard, I wasn’t aware of what the plant looked like and spent the majority of my time pulling vines (these happen to be the poison ivy).
AveenoOn Friday, after speaking with the nurse at work, she informed me that the nasty rash was indeed poison ivy. Friday after work I walked down to CVS and bought this Aveeno Anti-Itch Cream thinking that this would be the miracle cure and hoping it wouldn’t be the pink colored calamine lotion with which I was familiar. I was wrong on both accounts.

As I was walking the five blocks home from CVS I began smearing the pink (darn) lotion all over every exposed body parts, I know it looked funny, but I was just looking for some relief. I applied this stuff all weekend hoping it would make the itch go away. It didn’t work, but I did get pink stuff on all my clothes, the couch and my bedding. Pretty awesome.

When Monday rolled around, my co-workers disgusted looks told me that it was time to go to the doctor. I made an appointment with the dermatologist for Tuesday morning. They prescribed me Fluocinonide. The nurse at the dermatologist office said she didn’t know why anyone would use the old calamine lotion stuff because it really doesn’t do anything for poison ivy. I was relived to finally have something that would work.

The Fluocinonide is a topical steroid and it seemed to work just fine. It did take about three or four days for the itching to start to recede, but it eventually did. Also, this stuff is pretty strong, so it essentially created minor burns on my skin where it was applied. I would take the burn over the itch any day, though.

So, my lesson learned in all of this is that the next time I get poison ivy, I will head straight to the doctor and skip the $7 visit to CVS.

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