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Red Bull Stash

October 22, 2009

IMG_4425I can’t really take credit for this because my girlfriend was the one who found it but I thought people should know about it because it’s pretty interesting. Now maybe I’m behind the times because I don’t watch enough television but I’ve heard nothing about Red Bull’s new Stash add campaign.

Yesterday my girlfriend was on the Georgia State campus sitting in a mostly unused courtyard when she saw a strange little box under a ledge.IMG_4423 Let me say now this item is very bomb shaped and could be easily mistaken by a more terrorism fearful passerby. She kicked at it and then bent down to get a better look. It was a box of Red Bull energy shot with a sticker on top that included a code to enter into facebook and a code to text. (very 2009 of Red Bull to team up with facebook, it’s what all the kids are doing these days, facebooking, texting, and getting amped on energy drinks )

When she pulled the box out of it’s hiding place there was another sticker behind it that was for those who looked to find that it was already gone. This sticker included another code for those who didn’t get the stash. She took both just to cover all the bases. When you redeem the code it shows you a clue to the next Red Bull stash.


This is an interesting ad campaign. The only thing I can see going wrong is that Red Bull gets a huge lawsuit when people think it’s a bomb and call the bomb squad out for them to extract the Red Bull from a trashcan or crevice somewhere. Didn’t Red Bull look into it and see what happened to Cartoon Network in 2007 with a similar “guerilla” ad campaign?

Well advertising tactics aside this stuff SUCKS! I like Red Bull but this has only the bad parts of it. It tastes like sugar-free Red Bull but with no carbonation. I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be refrigerated, I drank one warm but the flavor would probably be slightly improved if it were ice cold.

When I googled “Red Bull Stash” to find more about it this came up. A device obviously made for smuggling drugs on a website called “dormgear” hilarious and probably lawsuit worth on Red Bull’s part.

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