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Nathan Shoe Pocket +

October 22, 2009

Nathan's Shoe Pocket +

October 18th was REI’s last day of their 20% off sale. I just can’t let that sale slip out of my fingers so I headed out at 5:00 PM to buy something, anything. I walked around the store until the bitter end trying to find that one thing that I just couldn’t live without. Well, it turns out that I ended up purchasing one of the cheapest items in the entire store.

Perfect little shoe pocket.

Perfect little shoe pocket.

I went with the Nathan Shoe Pocket +. This is basically a key holder made to go on your shoe. But, Nathan advertises it as “Sized for Nike + iPod Sensor.” I do not have this Nike running system, but it looked like the perfect size for a key, so I bought it. This thing was $7 and with 20% off, it came in at about $5.80 before tax. (I found this at Running for $6.00)

After I strapped this thing to my shoe with it’s simple velcro system I did a hard three miles bookended by moderately paced 1 mile runs for a total of 5 miles. It didn’t flap around and it kept my house key nice and secure. It also has a reflective strip on the front, which may be helpful if I am running in the dark and a car sees my shoe (hopefully they assume a person is attached to the shoe and slow down).

There was a reason I NEEDED a key holder. I typically place my house key in the little pocket provided on the majority of running shorts and this has worked fine for a number of years. Recently I bought a bunch of New Balance running shorts and their pocket is unlike the pockets I am accustomed to. Their pockets are long horizontally instead of vertically and I find they don’t hold my key as well.

This becomes painfully apparent when I notice a weird feeling in the built-in- underwear of my running shorts. The first time I felt this it took me awhile to figure out what it was, then I started to recognize the feeling. It is my key roaming free in my built-in-underwear. It would get really awkward when I was in a busy area and I had to try to discreetly remove the key.

The problem had to be solved. That is why I purchased this shoe pocket. It is big enough to hold my house key and it would probably hold my Honda key, but I have an old Honda and my key is fairly small, I am not sure how well it would hold the new-fangled keys that are large and fancy. I could also squeeze a bill or two in there if I had any money to take with me.

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