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B complex

October 19, 2009
from left to right: Nature Made tablets, Origin, and Sundown naturals

from left to right: Nature Made tablets, Origin, and Sundown naturals

I’ve tried these three different B complexes with B12. Being Vegan it’s hard to find a good source of B12. Plants don’t contain B12, it’s produced by bacteria. Animals are a source of B12 but only if they’ve eaten plants contaminated with B12. The only way to get B12 as a vegan is to eat foods enriched with B12 or taking a multi-vitamin.B12 is an important part of cell division and blood formation and all though you don’t need much a deficiency is a very serious problem. Since all of these have around 20,000% of your daily value of B12 they should all be adequate.

I used to take a vegan multivitamin but I started to feel like there was some stuff in it that I was already getting in foods. Plus it smelled really bad and even when I put the bottle of vitamins in a plastic bag, in a drawer in the bathroom I still smelled a faint odor when I was brushing my teeth near the drawer that contained these foul little tablets. My girlfriend recommended a liquid B complex to take it’s place. Now maybe I’ve just stayed up late watching infommercials too many times but I really do believe that vitamins in liquid form are absorbed more easily by my body. The first one I tried was by Origin a Target brand of vitamins. It tasted alright and seemed to do it’s job, but it’s hard to tell because I can’t really feel my cells dividing. I went back to target as this bottle began to empty and couldn’t find it, I went to another target and my fears were realized…it’s been discontinued!!! I guess maybe I’m the only one who liked it this much. I’m still on the search for a replacement or some back stock somewhere.

Well since writing this I bought a bottle of “super B complex” in tablet form by Nature Made, also a target brand. This one boasts that it also contains vitamin C and folic acid. I think my diet already contains plenty of vitamin c and folic acid so this isn’t really necessary but why not. These have seemed to work fine but have a little bit of that smell that turned me off of the vegan multivitamin, not quite as pungent but still there. I’d pretty much given up my search for another liquid B complex and accepted that this would be the best I could get.

Then one day at Kroger I decided to check out the supplements and found it! From Sundown naturals a B complex identical to the Origin one from Target. They were also buy on get one free so for $6 I got enough to last me for four months or more. I’ll probably go back and stock up in case this one too is discontinued.

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