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AIDS Walk Atlanta and 5k Run

October 18, 2009

Soooo, today (Sunday 10/18/2009) was the annual AIDS Walk Atlanta and 5k Run. I didn’t know it was today until I heard all the noise coming from the park and decided to check it out.
It was about 11:15 when I called Sean to see if he wanted to join me for the 5k. He agreed and headed over to my house.
I’m going to back up just a bit. I have been out of commission due to a knee injury and had not run for eight days. Before I agreed to run the race I suited up and ran around the block to see how my knee felt. It hurt, but I decided to wrap it tight in an Ace Bandage and go for it.
Sean showed up at my house and we walked down to the park to pay our $30 and register for the race. They handed us our shirts and stuff and we decided to go back and drop the stuff off at my house. Then we came back and walked around to see the events happening including the AIDS quilt, which I didn’t want to look at for too long because it was making me sad. I can’t run my A game if I am sad.
The race started promptly at 1:45 and went straight up hill for 3/4 a mile. Kinda sucky. I pushed really hard that first bit and that set the pace for the remainder of the run. There was one more big hill around the two mile mark and Sean and I were together until this point. I was just pooped and couldn’t keep up anymore. Sean ran ahead and I tried my best to catch up to him. Once the race got into the park I got a little closer, but never caught up. Two people tried to sprint past me at the end, but I didn’t want that to happen, so I quickly sprinted right back around them.
I finished around 24:35 and Sean was probably 10 or 15 seconds ahead of me. He did really awesome, plus, it was his first 5k ever. I am really happy for him.

I saw when I put my finishers card in the box that I was the second card and I assumed I got second place in my age group so I decided I would go back for the awards ceremony. I met a nice woman who finished first overall for women. She was really awesome. One of the best things about her was that she was chain smoking. I kidded with her about it and she said that she was totally addicted. I think it is great that she is the fastest woman and is a chain smoker. Totally awesome.

As far as results go, Sean came in first place in the Sean-Tracy division and I came in second. I’m pretty happy with that finish. I am sure Sean is too.

I came in second for the 26-30 year old female age group. I was pretty happy with that finish too.
I can’t find the official results anywhere online for the entire race so I will guestimate that Sean came in 52nd overall and I came in 62nd Overall. I come to this conclusion because when we had to fill out our finishers cards, mine had a 62 printed on the top.

Overall this was a nice race but challenging due to the hills. The money went to a great cause and Sean and I both had a happy race.
I had to write this part of the review without Sean because he had to go to work directly following the race, but he will add his two cents as soon as he can.

Sean’s Review

As you’ve probably just read this was my first 5k. I really enjoyed it. It was nice to have a 1:45 start time. My nocturnal lifestyle normally excludes me from a lot of these type of events. The event was very well organized and managed. I think the chilly morning must have discouraged some people who may have participated, but once start time approached it was a comfortable temperature. The start being on a hill that ran for about 3/4 of a mile killed me. I knew I had to pace myself and not get too excited and run with the crowd, once again it was my first 5k so I was a little nervous. I ran harder than I probably should have up the hill and wore myself out a little. I forgot how long that climb lasted. There was a close call at the first street crossing that interupted the race a little, I don’t really know what happened but I heard a police officer yelling and a car driven by an embarrassed young man coming to an abrupt stop. I could pretend this slowed me down but it didn’t effect my run at all. It was nice to be familiar with the area and know exactly what to expect out the course. I didn’t really expect to see so many water stations and all though I didn’t use them all it was nice. I really liked the three little girls in the Prado selling lemonade, not part of the race but really cute. I knew where the finish was because I’d walk past it on my way to registration but I guess a lot of people didn’t know because a little after the 2 and 1/2 mile mark when you began to hear the announcer praising the first few finishers a sprint broke out. It then quickly went to walking amongst these under prepared racers. I sped up a little out of excitement and finished strong. I was a little confused at the end and didn’t see my exact time but it was between 24 and 24:30. I’m really happy with my time and would like to run another 5k soon with a little more preparation for that distance. I’ll be back next year for this one as well.

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