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Acworth Women’s Triathlon, Lake Allatoona, GA

October 18, 2009

The Acworth Women’s Sprint Triathlon was held on August 9th, 2009.

And they're off!

And they're off!

This was my second triathlon and another all women’s event (as the name would imply). I have noticed that these women’s events are very competitive. The women are skilled and fast. This was a smaller race than the Iron Girl with a field limited to 600 participants. We couldn’t rack our bikes the night before so we got up really early to make sure we weren’t rushed in the morning.

The transition area was well lit and I was please to find that we had plenty of room for our bikes and gear.

This race also started in waves according to age and again, my age group was last. The swim was only ¼ mile and was relatively easy. The exit from the water to the transition area was pretty flat and not too long of a hike.

The 13 mile bike ride was also relatively easy with rolling hills and minimal traffic. This was my frist race with my triathlon bike and I really felt like it made a difference. I probably only think that, however because I shelled out the money for a fancy tri bike and need to validate that decision with the notion that I think I did well on the bike portion.

Upon the T2 transition I got tripped up a little looking for the run exit, but a volunteer saw my confusion and turned me in the right direction. The 5k run was also hilly, but do-able. It went through some neighborhoods around Acworth and finished in the Downtown Acworth area. It was a nice run too because it was shaded most of the time.

Me post race with my bike.

Me post race with my bike.

I finished this race in 1:24:22 and was again, very happy with my results. I was aiming for under 1:45, so I was proud of myself.

This race was very well run and I really enjoy participating in these all women events. I will definitely be signing up for this race again next year.

Lastly, one great thing about this race was that they had pre race clinics for those that had not participated in a triathlon before. I went even though I had done one, but I figured any extra tips would be helpful. These extra touches were much appreciated.

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