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Just Tri It for Habitat, Hall County, Georgia

October 17, 2009

Just Tri It for Habitat was held on August 22, 2009

Transition before it filled up.

Transition before it filled up.

I had a friend who wanted to do her first triathlon and asked if I wanted to join her. Completely addicted to the sport, I jumped at the opportunity. I let her pick the event and this is what she came up with. Just Tri-It is a benefit for Habitat for Humanity and this was their first triathlon ever. I tried to discourage my friend because I thought it would be a complete cluster- and I didn’t want her to be discouraged from doing triathlons.

I am happy to say that I was wrong.

The event was held on a Saturday but packet pick-up was the day before. We left Atlanta around 3:30PM on Friday and headed up to pick up our packets and get a look at the course. The folks at the packet pick up were very nice and let us look around the Country Club to see how things would be in the morning. After poking our noses around the entire facility we decided to drive the bike course.

They got us a Good Luck Pie!

They got us a Good Luck Pie!

This was a good idea, save for the fact that we got completely lost and ended up miles and miles and miles off course. We decided to call it quits and get some dinner. My friend’s parents live near (about 30 minutes away) the race site and were kind enough to feed us dinner (and pie) and put us up for the night.

After dinner we realized that we forgot a pump so we ran to REI to pick one up real quick. I love that REI exists and has everything.

On race morning we got up and drove to the race site, racked our bikes and tooled around until it was time to start the swim. The swim start was next to some boat docks and the course was around the docks and up the boat ramp. It was pretty interesting scenery.

The bike ride was horrendous. The hills were crazy, but not as bad as the Iron Girl, and I was a little spooked at the intensity of some of the turns. Traffic flow was very light for most of the course, so that was a positive. Toward the end of the ride, when we re-entered the main road that the Country Club is on, the traffic really started to pick up as people were trying to get into the club. It was annoying trying to maneuver around the giant SUV’s.

The run part of the race was brutal. Totally crazy. I have been running for six years and have NEVER walked in a race, no matter what, even if I ran really slow, I never walked. The hills were so steep and so long that I had no choice but to walk up a few of them. I have never been on such a challenging course. I’ll know to prepare better next year. I read the reviews of the race posted on Active and have had my complaints of the hills validated. Believe me, they were crazy.

I was so glad to cross the finish line and be done.

I won 2nd/3rd place in my age group!

I won 2nd/3rd place in my age group!

I ended up placing 2nd or 3rd in my age group. I say this because in the results posted online I am actually third, but during the awards ceremony I was awarded a 2nd place medal I don’t know what the actual deal is, so I like to say I won 2nd/3rd place. My time ended up being 1:33:22.

Incidentally, this was also my first race with men.Yikes! They are competitive and forceful. I would say that it seemed like a lot of them had something to prove. They were also the ones taking some of the turns too sharp and too fast because there were a couple of them that wrecked their bikes and were being treated by EMT’s.

BUT… most of the men were really nice and encouraging. It made me feel good when someone was passing and they tell you to “keep up the good work” or offer some other words of encouragement.

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