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Nike Daybreak Running Hat

October 16, 2009
Nike Daybreak Hat

Nike Daybreak Hat

Best Hat Ever! For real. I love this hat. I got my first one about three years ago and still have it. It is light, it is durable, and it looks good.

The women’s daybreak (yes, they make a men’s and women’s) fits perfectly on the head and features a bill that isn’t huge. In fact, it’s just right.

When you are done running you just throw it in the wash and try to not throw it in the dryer. Even if it happens to make it into the dryer, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. I have washed mine probably hundreds of times and dried it at least half the time and nothing bad has happened.

This hat is perfect. I thought at one point that Nike was discontinuing this hat because I started to see a new design of the Daybreak and it had this plastic looking nylon stuff on it instead of the mesh. Also, the bill was more rigid and bigger. When I saw this in the store I quickly snatched up two more of the “old” style (which I happen to find onsale for $7 each at

While I was doing a search for these this morning it looks as if Nike is still selling this “old” style as I couldn’t find the “new” plastic looking style anywhere.

This hat retails for $22 and that is pretty much the standard price you will find on the Internet. However, with some mad searching skills you may be able to score the $7 deal somewhere.

For those of you that aren’t runners, this hat is also good for any outdoor or indoor use including: walking, hiking, shopping, sitting around, eating or any other activity where you want to keep the sun our of your face, the heat off your head, and your hair under control (under the hat).

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