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West Coast 10k

October 14, 2009
Harvest Fair 10k (There was also a giant pumpkin contest.)

Harvest Fair 10k (There was also a giant pumpkin contest.)

I was recently visiting in California and decided I would run the YMCA Sonoma County Harvest Fair 10k. This is their 31st annual running and a very well organized race.IMG_7204

It was quite cold on race morning, I think it was colder than everyone expected because I wasn’t the only one complaining. I didn’t know anyone at this race, so I just stood around trying to find a sliver of sunshine to stand in hoping it would make me warmer.

As starting time neared I made my way toward the front of the crowd and took off with the really fast people. I am not very fast, but I like to keep those people in my sight so I can chase them the whole time (until after a couple hundred yards when they have run out of my view).

The race course was relatively flat, a lot flatter than any course I have ever run in Atlanta and with the weather cold, it made for a stress-free run. My only complaint was that the water stops had tiny little dixie cups filled with water and when you grabbed one, almost all the water sloshed out before it hit your mouth. But that was something pretty minor.

As I ran down the home stretch (literally downhill) I thought I was going to pass out from running so hard for so long. I even got passed. Oh well. I ended up with a finishing time of 48:35, which is a PR for me.

Second Place!

Second Place!

I didn’t find out until later that night that I actually placed in my age group (20-29). I was so excited! Since I wasn’t around to hear them announce the winners I emailed the race director who works at a local YMCA and she said I could come by and pick up my medal, which I did.

I would run this race again if I find myself in Sonoma County during their Harvest Fair. I also got inspired to grow a giant pumpkin, but I don’t know if my balcony can support the weight. The winning pumpkin was 1,180 and a guy named Leonard (forgot last name) grew it. He was a very nice guy and patiently answered all my questions about giant pumpkins. I was glad when he won because he was such a nice guy. I looked all over the internet and couldn’t find any information on Leonard so you’ll just have to take my word.

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