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Comcast Exercise TV On Demand

October 13, 2009

I didn’t get a gym membership for my birthday this year like I normally do (I know, odd present from the boyfriend, but it was a nice gift because I used it all year!)

On Demand Exercise TV Menu (sorry for the poor quality)

On Demand Exercise TV Menu (sorry for the poor quality)

Due to my aforementioned crazy knee pain, I took to the Comcast On Demand Exercise TV. I have utilized these programs from Comcast in the past, but since I am unable to do anything active and can’t go to the gym, I thought this would be a good alternative.

I like the variety that they have, they have long workouts, 10 minute workouts and workouts for every area of your body.

I started with “2 weeks, new you” menu and went to the Pilates section where I found the Less is More Pilates ab workout.

Less is More Pilates by Lizbeth Garcia

Less is More Pilates by Lizbeth Garcia

This particular workout is hosted by Lizbeth Garcia. While I don’t really like pilates all that much (I’d much rather be doing cardio-type stuff) this wasn’t half bad. The only thing that gets me is that Lizbeth never seemed winded from any of these exercise. This can only mean that she is super-human. This workout was about 22 minutes long and we went through a variety of exercises. I had to modify some of the exercise due to my knee problem, but overall, I feel it was a good workout.

Rock Hardy Body Abs with Steve Maresca

Rock Hardy Body Abs with Steve Maresca

In order to change things up a bit I clicked over to the Rock Hardy Body Abs section where I did a routine hosted by Steve Maresca. I like this guy. He has a lot of energy and my favorite part is that when he was taking us through a difficult exercise he actually seemed winded and huffed and puffed for air. I like that he was working just as hard as I was. It sort of validated that some of these exercises were actually really challenging. This program also lasted about 22 minutes, but I had to drop out with about 8 minutes left because my knee pain got to be too much.

I noticed that when I was done, I was actually really fatigued. I like that feeling after a workout.

Overall, I think the quality of these On Demand videos are pretty good and if you actually do them, you would likely see some results. Personally, I am disciplined enough to do these, but most people probably aren’t. So, while I don’t have a gym membership, these will have to do.

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