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Tracy’s Marathon Quest. First Post

October 12, 2009

This is my second attempt at marathon training. The first ended in a disastrous doctor visit followed by a “boot.” If anyone has had to wear the boot, they know what I’m talking about.
I have been running 4-6 days a week in mileage ranging from four to 10 miles. On this past Saturday, I decided to go for a bike ride with a friend of mine. I thought this cross training would be great for my body.
It turns out that my body rejected the cross training. For some reason my  knee (pictured here) IMG_7189is all messed up. I rode for two hours on Saturday, felt fine, then on Sunday afternoon, while sitting at a picnic table I got a pinching pain in my knee. It got worse. It woke me up at night with it’s crazy shooting pain. I limped around at work and got sympathy (and candy) from co-workers. Terrible.
I am contemplating a visit to the doctor, but I know exactly what he will tell me. Either 1) Get an X-Ray, 2) RICE it, or 3) Get an MRI. I don’t want to pay for number one or three just to have the “professionals” tell me to RICE.
I am hoping that It will get better in a couple of days. For now it is Ibuprofen, Ice Packs, and Ace Bandages while kicked up on the bed reading books.
Perhaps my next “Marathon Quest” post will include actual running accomplishments

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