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Sean’s Marathon Quest Weeks 1 and 2

October 12, 2009

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Starting in the spring of 2009 I decided I’d like to try to complete as many new athletic events as I could throughout the year. It started with a 200km Brevet, then I began running and decided to enter a triathlon in the summer and completed that. Now I’ve decided that I’d like to finish off the year (march to march when I decided to begin this challenge) I’m going to run a marathon.(Atlanta ING) This will also mark about 9 months of serious running for me. I hadn’t run regularly since high school until the summer of 2009. I’m currently running using theGalloway walk/run training plan. I feel like I’d be terribly disappointed if I were to get injured before race day and since this walk/run method claims to be injury free I’m giving it a shot. So far it’s really hard to train my legs and ego to walk at all but I’m just starting out so we’ll see how it goes.IMG_4363

week 1

Ran 3 short days trying to only pay attention to time and not distance. One long run on Monday of 7.2 miles (further than I’ve ever run) with a few long hills. In between my short runs I did some push ups, pull ups and crunches as cross training and took the Sunday before my long run off. So far I feel great.

week 2

I bought a heart rate moniter this week (Polar f4 my review can be found as a comment under Tracy’s review here) and have begun integrating it into my runs.

I ran 3 easy days did push ups, pull ups and sit ups two days and finished the week off strong with my 2nd consecutive long run in the rain! This time I was on a roll and ran 12.68 miles in 1:58 which is awesome for me. I was able to keep to my walk/run plan. Starting with running 5 minutes and walking 1 then I began running 10 minutes and walking 1, which eventually became running for 20 minutes and walking for 1. I felt good so I just kept going. I don’t think I really overdid it but I’ve been pretty sore since that run. My run took me through a few of my normal runs and some uncharted territory of course. I think the rain helped a bit since it wasn’t hot and as I’ve mentioned before I tend to run or bike in some bad areas but in the rain most people look for cover rather than standing on the corner harassing runners. The only downside besides obviously getting wet is that the temperature dropped to the low 60’s and made my bionic ankle a little stiff.

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