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Flexible Tripod

October 12, 2009

IMG_4400When you’re on a trip you want to take pictures right? Of course! But what you probably don’t want to do is carry a cumbersome tripod around and set it up to take pictures of yourself if you’re alone, or if you want a group shot of everyone if you’re with friends. This thing works great for both occasions. You can wrap it around a branch, hang it from a wire, or just use it like a regular tripod on top of a post or trashcan. I’ve found so many interesting uses for this tripod (nothing dirty if that’s what you’re thinking) it’s helped me keep my title of “master of timed photography” this is of course a title I bestowed upon myself so it’s hard to lose. I often travel alone and always want to take photos to show my skeptical friends that I was really at the places I said I was, and this makes it a lot easier to do so.


Below is an example of some video I shot with this tripod mounted on my handlebars while ride around Beijing. It’s a little shakey but for an inexpensive tripod I think it gets the job done.

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  1. October 12, 2009 5:08 PM

    Not to hijack your post, Sean. But, I too, have a Joby tripod. It is amazing and allows you to do so much more when taking timed shots. This little size is great for point-and-shoot cameras but can’t support the weight of an SLR or a video camera (other than a Flip). Joby also makes a larger sized tripod that can support the weight of the bigger cameras. They really did well with this design. I have had mine for three or four years and haven’t had any problems.

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