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2XU Compression Socks

October 12, 2009

Another Fail… for me, at least.

From the 2XU website

From the 2XU website

I really want a pair of compression socks/sleeves that will make some sort of difference. I tried on these 2XU Compression Socks after I bought the Zensah Compression Sleeves reviewed here.

I mentioned that one of my problems is that the sleeves are too loose. The whole thing is ineffective if they aren’t tight enough.

I was at a race this past weekend and was talking to someone about the sleeves. She made an excellent point when I mentioned that they were too big. She said, “wouldn’t companies that make things for athletes understand that some athletes are, *gasp* in shape, and some may even be skinny?”

These 2XU socks came in an extra small, which is awesome. The problem is that they are still too big. The main problem was surrounding the ankle, which should be the tightest spot. This was actually loose on me.

This whole quest for compression is not working for me.
I have come to the conclusion that it likely not the fault of the companies producing these products, it is more likely the fact that I probably have funny shaped legs.

These companies make products for the masses, not for me.


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