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Tracy’s third update

October 10, 2009

Marathon Quest Update 3I have completely fallen off the Jeff Galloway bandwagon. I just can’t get with the walk/run thing. It is very frustrating. I had a kind of slow week running-wise. I took days off that I shouldn’t have and the weather was too bad to run on the others.

Sean and I went to run a non-existant race last Saturday so instead forced ourselves to do a short four mile run/walk around his neighborhood. I met with my running group on Monday after I ran four miles and did a 2 mile run/walk with the group leader. Wednesday I did three loops around Piedmont Park for a nice nine miles and finished off the week with the Run Around the Rock 10 mile at Stone Mountain Park.

This next week may be a bit difficult to get any descent numbers because I am traveling out to California on Wednesday and my new job is keeping me really busy. Plus, with the time change, I won’t be able to run safely after work. This is all very frustrating for me. We’ll just have to see how this next week goes.

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