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Silver Comet Ride (stopped by flooding)

October 10, 2009

Bikes on car at Mayfair

This morning a friend and I decided to head out to the Silver Comet trail for a bike ride. I am not exactly a good or seasoned rider, but I like to ride and was excited to go out before the rain started and washed away any other outdoor weekend plans.

The Silver Comet is located 13 miles north of Atlanta and is closed to vehicular traffic. I normally don’t like to ride on these paths due to the constant intersections with roads and having to start and stop, but this trail isn’t as bad as The Path to Stone Mountain.

We drove to the Fontaine Road Trailhead, parked in the gravel lot, and started riding.

The good thing about the Fontaine Trailhead is that it begins 1.2 miles from the “official” start of the Silver Comet. This means that a lot of the slow walkers, people with strollers, kids riding erratically on their bikes (while their parents talk on cell phones ignoring their wandering children), and general crowds don’t usually make it up this far.

There are about 6-8 intersections where the Silver Comet crosses a road and you must stop and wait for traffic. The good part is that a lot of these intersections are with tiny little roads where you would likely see a car once an hour, and there are also signals at all the intersections and when you press the “walk” button, the light immediately changes to red to allow pedestrians to cross.

It is a magnificent system.

We were planning on riding out 15 miles and then back, but were stopped at 13.75 miles due to remnants of the flooding that we had two weeks ago. That was far enough, we were ready to head home.

With a stop at Zaxby’s on the way home to refuel, it was a successful ride.

Here are a few more things about the Silver Comet.

  • It is not advised that you ride alone, there is a history of attacks (especially on women) on this trail.
  • The Silver Comet website indicates that the trail is only a 2% grade. This means that if you want to do any hill work at all, you shouldn’t come here. This is a really flat trail.
  • This path can get fairly busy, but walkers/runners/other riders are well aware of this and if you yell a friendly “on your left” people immediately move over.
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