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Marathon Quest week 7 and 8

October 10, 2009

I started the week with a couple short runs of around 5 and 6 miles each at a controlled pace. I’m planning on running the Atlanta Half Marathon at the end of the month so I decided to take it a little easy and not add much mileage until that event’s over. Monday morning I ran a slow 9.5 miler and felt great. I think that helps me to end when I know I feel good and could run further but don’t want to exhaust myself for the rest of the week.

I ran a good nice paced 5.7 miles on Wednesday and it felt good to extend these early week runs a little. I’m taking it a little easy to prepare for a longer run on the upcoming Monday so Thursday I did a slow 3 miler and took the rest of the week off.

Today I went on a long run, Monday is usually when I take my long runs due to my work schedule. I did about 12 3/4 miles at a pretty slow pace on some hilly terrain. On these long runs I just like to start running and add on some detours as I go and see how I feel. I never leave the house with an agenda, I just go and see where it takes me.  A few years ago after recovering from surgery to repair a badly broken leg I was on my first century ride since I could ride again. I was on my own not an organized century, which I’ve never been on, just a ride of my own. I was so excited when that I was still able to complete a long bike ride that I mentioned it when stopped at a light on a bike path to a guy running who was also stopped at the same light. I told him “I’ve just finished a 100 mile ride and it’s only a few more miles till I’m home”. He looked at me and said “wow, that’s great I’m just to the half way point on a 12 mile run”. As we parted ways we both agreed that we couldn’t possibly do what the other was doing. I kept thinking about this guy who just looked like a normal guy, average build, not in that great of shape and wondering how that was possible for him. At the time when I wasn’t a runner it seemed astounding to run 12 miles and not be a top notch athlete. I thought my century couldn’t possible compare to what this guy was doing with his few hours after work before bed. I also thought that even if that was something I wanted to achieve, I couldn’t ever run with all the pins and screws in my leg that made it hard to even walk without a limp.

Today I came to this same intersection and remembered that encounter. I looked down at my watch and saw that I’d been running for 1:52 minutes, I have a pretty good idea of the pace I was keeping and knew that I was already well over 10 miles and would push past 12 miles before returning home. I remembered exactly what I felt like when I was at that same point completing my first post injury century and this gave me a similar feeling when I realized that it was possible to run on my reconstructed leg. I wish I would have run into that same guy and see him now as a peer rather than a person who possessed a skill out of my reach.

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