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5 frame builders from portland featured in Readymade magazine

October 10, 2009
taken from Readymade photo by Benji Wagner

taken from Readymade photo by Benji Wagner

In the October/November issue of Readymade there’s an article titled “Bicycles Built for you” it features five prominent frame builders in the world of custom steel who all reside in… yes you guessed it PORTLAND! Who doesn’t build bikes in Portland? Judging by the amount of frame builders in and around Portland, Oregon you’d think everyone there must be riding their custom track frames to and from the coffee coop all day long to get amped before a gnarly run down some fresh powder on Mt. Hood . Jordan Hufnagel, Ira Ryan, Matt Cardinal, Aaron Hayes, and Nate Meschke tell a little bit about how they got started and what excites them about cycling. It’s a cool little article that really screams “one of our girlfriend’s works for this magazine!”

Within the four page story you’ll find short bios on each builder and some glimpses into their work spaces which I always love to see. It’s cool to see these hardworking guys getting some recognition. Ira Ryan also plays model in the newest issue of Wend magazine.IMG_4391

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