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Smart Move

October 9, 2009


I just got this book in the mail today and it’s great! It’s just photos of innovative bicycle designs throughout modern history. Smart Move is a beautiful book and well put together. It’s all taken from the Embacher Collection exhibition of the same name.

The introduction is kind of funny and obviously authored by Germans. They promptly tell the reader “We’d like to diplomatically circumnavigate the issue of which nation discovered the bicycle”, they then move to explaining how it was probably a German. They also talk about how the British invented and equipped most bikes with internally geared hubs but then go on to mention that Sturmey-Archer has now lead to a German inventing the much superior Rohloff speed hub.



I really liked how this “classic bicycle” book didn’t just dwell on one type of bicycle. A lot of books like this are geared towards classic touring, and randonneuring bikes which I do love, but are also often reproduced by modern framebuilders and therefore less interesting to look at. This book has all types of bikes and it’s less common to see old roadbikes and time trials frames.

capo ice bike

capo ice bike


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