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N-rit Towel

October 6, 2009

Nrit towelFor those looking for a quick drying towel I thought I would review this N-rit towel. I got the size medium from REI for about $10 about six months ago.

It’s nice. It’s about 12″X12″ and I use it for two things. Drying off at the pool (so I don’t get my “real” towel wet) and at triathlons to dry off my feet coming into T1.

This size medium really is just too small. There isn’t enough fabric to get your hand on and wipe and get rid of water. For the triathlon, it is nice to put it on your back tire because it makes it easier to find your bike.

REI makes their own brand of quick dry towel called: Towel. It is much thicker than this and I think I would like it better. This N-rit is extremely thin. But… it does do it’s job. It absorbs lots and lots of water and it wrings most of it out.

If I were backpacking, this would be the towel that would come with me. If I wanted something warm and snuggly to dry me off, I would stick with a beach towel.

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