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Apple iPod Shuffle (3rd Generation)

September 29, 2009

Why take a good thing and make it worse?

At least for us runners.

I have a second generation shuffle and have for quite some time. Well- let me try again. I have had SEVERAL second generation shuffles and love them. (More on why I have had several at the end of this post).

Recently Apple announced their release of the third generation shuffle. It is  a little smaller (but really, was the second generation too big?), and the controls are attached to the head phones.

I didn’t buy one of these, but my brother won one and I quickly asked to borrow it to see how I liked it.

I clipped it to my shorts, ran the wires up my shirt and stuck the ear buds in my ears. I always run the wires up my shirt to avoid having wires everywhere as I am running. I also tuck the extra slack into the band of my pants. I don’t like anything flapping around when I run. Everything was normal until… I needed the controls. I rarely run with the music turned up loud. Most of the time the volume is set to really low (so I can hear the birds) and the music is turned completely OFF when I get to running near roads.

This turned out to be a problem. The wires was under my shirt. When I wanted to change a song or adjust the volume, I had to either reach up my shirt (which I sure is awesome for all the men watching) or I had to fumble around the outside of my shirt trying to figure out the controls.

Either way, it’s not very cute.

I can only hope that Apple fixes this little (HUGE) problem so the running community can be happy again.

The good news is that Apple still has their refurbished second generation on their website and they start at only $39. So, snatch one (or two or three) up before they are gone.

Now, on to why I have several iPod shuffles.

I wash them. Not on purpose, but they do get washed  and dried on occasion. They are clipped to my running shorts and sometimes I forget to unclip them and into the washing machine they go.

The bad thing is that they do not recover from this treatment. Once your shuffle has been washed and dried, there is no coming back. So that is why I have had several. Don’t do the same to yours, especially since we soon won’t be able to replace them.

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