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tactical fanny pack

September 28, 2009

gamesfantasy_2069_13653875gamesfantasy_2069_918824Well without hopefully making this blog take a weird turn I wanted to review this item to help anyone who might have similar wants and needs as myself. It’s basically a fanny pack for concealing a firearm. Without getting into too many politics or opinions on gun control I’ll give you the specifics. It comfortably holds my glock 23 while I ride my bicycle. I live in atlanta GA and enjoy riding my bike through some of atlanta’s worse and most interesting neighborhoods. At times you run into some shady characters and maybe a rowdy drunk driver or two even on your way home. I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry my gun sometimes during such rides. Obviously carrying it in a regular holster on my side gets too much attention and isn’t really practical when wearing cycling shorts so this is a great alternative. It’s meant to wear in the front but I choose to turn it around. This makes drawing the weapon a little harder if necessary but riding a whole lot easier.There are a few different products such as this on the market, I chose the one that was around $20 mainly for that very reason. They all seem basically the same but this one has more pockets. It’s ambidextrous and has a tear away velcro pouch where your weapon sits. It comes in a variety of colors that all still can’t hide the fact that it’s a fanny pack. I chose the khaki/olive sort of color reminiscent of desert camo, the most useful of all camos in this day and age. This way if they ever reinstitute a draft I’ll have an accessory that matches my uniform.
I’m not going to lie and say this thing doesn’t feel ridiculous to wear at first but when you’re already dressed in a cycling jersey, padded cycling shorts, a helmet and fingerless gloves a fanny pack isn’t really the worst of your problems, and atleast with this if someone does make fun of the way you look you can shoot them.

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