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Columbia Vertex

September 25, 2009

I rarely need the use of a rain jacket, but when I need it, I really need it. I only had one jacket for rain wear and it was approaching it’s 10 year mark and really needed to be replaced. I also had the added pressure of taking a trip to northern Russia in the middle of winter and needed something warm enough to accommodate the weather there.

I was browsing the selection at a local City Sports and came across a Columbia Vertex Interchange Rain Coat. This was a double layer deal with a zip out liner on the inside and a waterproof (yet breathable) shell on the outside. I thought this would do the trick. I also bought several other fleece-type items to bring with me to Russia. (City Sports was having a huge sale and made it all worth it.) I paid about $80 for my rain coat and it was originally listed for about $200. I thought I got a pretty good deal.

Columbia VertexI was a little disappointed in the size options as they only had a small left and I could have really used an extra small. I am also not a huge fan of purple, but that this the only color they had left.

As soon as I got back from Russia I took out the liner, as this is never necessary in the South and I actually can’t find it anyway, so I hope I never need it. The size is a little bit of a problem, especially in the summer when I am not wearing anything bulky and this jacket swallows me, but it does keep me dry.

It has under arm vents (which need to stay zipped when it is really pouring down rain). It has velcro around the wrists to keep a tight seal. The hood is adjustable, and the jacket zips all the way up to the chin and the hood (with it’s built-in visor) can be cinched down tight enough to keep you pretty dry. Also, the “skirt” can be tightened to keep your waist dry.

Overall, good jacket, especially if it was in my size. Would I buy it again? I couldn’t because Columbia doesn’t even list this jacket on their website anymore.

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