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Timex 1440 Digital Sports Watch

September 24, 2009

Timex 1440I like to know what time it is. When I’m running, I especially like to know what time it is so that I can fend off boredom by playing a “guess-how-long-it’s-been-since-the-last-time-I-checked-the-time” game. Kidding, I love running. I really like to have a watch so that others can ask me what time it is and I can feel like a hero when I tell them.

I was using my boyfriend’s old watch which was about 2000 times too big. So big that it didn’t even fit around my wrist, so I had to just hold it in my hand. This became a problem because when holding the watch, I didn’t have any room to hold Twizzlers or any other candy that I was running with. I got tired of choosing between time and candy, so I headed to Target to buy a watch of my very own.

Being the ultra-cheap person that I am, I walked around the jewelry section at my local Target searching for the lowest priced watch. Quickly, I found this Timex 1440 for only $14.99. I made sure that the watch fit my list of requirements:

  • Fits my wrist – check
  • Cheapest watch available -check

With my requirements fulfilled, I grabbed the watch, headed to the check out counter and went home to try it out.

What can I say? The watch works. It has a stopwatch, it has a backlight, it tells me what day of the week it is, it’s blue (but comes in other colors) and it can swim! -that is, it is waterproof, so it comes with me when I swim laps.

I got excited when someone in my running group had this same watch. It’s the small things, I guess. People buy this watch because they trust Timex, and I would like to give them credit for consistently making a quality product that is affordable.

Now, if only Timex could go into the car making business…

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