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Marathon: You can do it! By Jeff Galloway

September 23, 2009

I was scheduled to run a marathon in March of 2007. In February of that same year I suffered a pretty significant injury that left me unable to run for 6 months. It took a full two years for me to be able to run without a brace, and at this point I only feel pain once every month or so.

In February 2007 when I went to my orthopedic doctor to discuss the crazy pain in my leg he ordered an MRI, which I had done two days later. The technician who did my MRI said things didn’t look good and sent me on my way. I came back three hours later to see my doctor and get some bad news. I had already mentally prepared to get bad news as I knew my leg really hurt and something was really wrong. When the doctor told me about my “stress reaction” and said I would not be able to run my marathon I was disappointed, but not emotional. The doctor mentioned he was surprised at my reaction because usually when he tells people this kind of bad news, they cry, yell, scream, curse, et cetera. I just took the news in stride, gave away my race number and started swimming. Now, because of this injury, I participate in triathlons. The forced cross training was probably one of the better things that has ever happened to me.

Last week I was messing around on the Internet and found this book by JeffMarathon: You can do it! Galloway:

Marathon: You can do it!

Now, I have heard of Jeff Galloway before,  and I knew of his Run/Walk method, but I always discounted it in the past. I don’t like to stop running when I get in “the zone.” But… I recently got the marathon itch again and Galloway’s method says it is an injury free way to complete a marathon.

I ordered the book from Amazon and  waited patiently by my mail box. I was very excited when I opened my box on Monday evening and saw it lying there.

Published in 2001, this book is getting a bit dated, but the information inside is all still pertinent. I did a quick scan of the chapters this morning and can’t wait to dive in and learn about a new way to train.

The same marathon that I couldn’t complete in March 2007 is open for registration for 2010. I really want to get on this training method and complete the marathon.

I am most concerned about the run/walk method and will have to re-train my brain, my legs, and my ego, so that I can follow the “rules” set forth by Galloway and be on my way to completing an injury free marathon. I will update in the future as I, once again, begin my quest to 26.2.

UPDATE: 9/29/2009

This is harder than I thought. I have run five times since I got this book. I have run/walked only two times. I am used to running and only running. The only time I would stop is to get a sip of water from a fountain or to wait for traffic at a light.

I have read more in depth about the method and implemented it only twice, so why not every time I run? Ego. I don’t like to walk, especially when I can run.

I am really starting to understand Galloway’s method, however and I also realize that the more I practice using his method, the better I will become and the better my chances are at running (and walking) without injury.

I was prompted to update this post after a long run on Sunday which has resulted in ice packs and elevation for my right leg. Pain is not my friend, especially when training for a marathon.

My new vow is this: For any practice run lasting more than three miles, I will follow the Galloway method with a 9:1 run walk ratio. This isn’t the correct ratio, but for now, I will start slowly and this will help me get accustomed to this new method.

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