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Goody Stayput Hair Ties

September 22, 2009

If you have hair, this post may be for you.

If you have hair long enough for a pony tail, this post is probably for you.

If you have hair that you put in a pony tail before you begin your exercise and want it to stay there the WHOLE TIME, then this post definitely is for you.

Goody Stay Put Band

So, you’re running around the neighborhood/park/street/treadmill and you have to keep adjusting your ponytail because it becomes too loose, and your hair starts flying in your face, and you become distracted, and… well, who knows the consequences? I hated when my hair would come out of my ponytail (except it gave me a good excuse to stop running for a minute to re-do my hair).

At an expo a couple of years ago, I was handed this (at the time) new product:

Goody Stay Put PackageI am sure a lot of you that have been to some sort of expo, or are a member of a gym have been handed this product before as a sample. The day I got mine, my life changed.

This is a very simple product from Goody and they call it their Stayput collection. It seems like a regular hair band with rubber grippies wrapped around. Don’t let the rubber scare you. It doesn’t pull on your hair when you remove it, but it impedes the hair from coming loose when you have it in a pony tail. I am not sure how this technology work, it just does. And I love it.

It was really difficult for me to find these in the stores for a long time, so I was living off of free samples, but I finally located them at a local Target store. I cannot remember the price point on these,  but honestly, I would pay $5 for a pack of these bad boys.

Great results, great product, highly recommended!

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