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Osprey Talon 11 Day Hiking Pack

September 21, 2009

You know how when you’re hiking, and it starts raining, and you realize you are on a large rock without any kind of shelter nearby and you keep walking, then you fall on your butt, get back up again, and fall on your butt again? And you’re soaking wet, totally drenched, beyond frustrated, and now laughing at your situation. Laughing, at times, uncontrollably? That happened to me once, and I was using this awesome Osprey Talon 11 Pack, and I looked really cute while all that was happening. But my butt really hurt for the next couple of days and I had a really big bruise that I wanted to show everyone, but at times it is not appropriate to show everyone the huge bruise on you butt.

What would be the equivalent of road rash on a rocky mountain? Rock rash? Well, whatever it is, I could have had it really bad as I was sliding down this rocky mountain on my butt… twice, but I had this pack securely fastened around my waist and it took the brunt of the sliding. That is why I am most thankful for this bag.

I was doing some day hiking trips in Maine and decided that a comfortable packOsprey Front was in order. I found this bag while cruising my local REI. It came in two sizes, S/M and M/L. The price was around $90, and even though that is a lot of money for me to spend on a bag, I decided that it was worth it.

What first drew me to this bag was the color. Second, the size.

Although I am a smaller person, I had to go for the M/L size due to the torso length. The hip supports were too high on the S/M.

Osprey BackThis bag is great for summertime hiking. The hip straps are mesh, so it allows for plenty of air to come through, the shoulder straps are also mesh around the padding, which also has vents built in. There is even mesh that separates your back from the back of the pack.

There is also this thing they call: “Airscape” which is along the back panel of the bag.

I think the “airscape” panel is there to keep your back from getting really hot and sweaty, but I don’t know if my airscape works because my back was really sweaty. Come to think of it, I always have a sweaty back when I do any type of exercise, so maybe the airscape technology will work for others that do not normally have a sweaty back.

I really like this bag. I would buy Osprey bags for everything if I had the money. I especially like that it was durable enough to save me from the aforementioned “Rock Rash” that I endured. This bag was perfect for day hiking. It holds a water bladder, a sandwich, food bars,  and I was able to roll up my fleece and stick it in the elastics on the front of the bag. The room gets really tight when a full bladder is in the bag, but I don’t need a whole lot of stuff on a day hike. If you are going for longer or like to bring A LOT of stuff with you when hiking, you should probably upgrade to a larger bag.

As a side note, Osprey no longer makes this awesome color that I have (the green color pictured) they advertise on their website, however, that this bag now comes in “Spicy Chili” aka red, “Magnesium” aka blue, and “Citron” aka yellow.

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  1. August 19, 2010 10:31 PM

    This is a great product, I also like this great assault pack

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