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Patagonia Underwear (for the ladies)

September 18, 2009

Patagonia UnderwearI needed moisture-wicking underwear to wear hiking. I figured if everything else that I wore was moisture-wicking, shouldn’t my underwear be too? I bought a pair of the Exofficio underwear at REI and also bought a pair of the Patagonia Women’s Active Briefs. The price is not so good, at $20, you have to really want these underwear, but the quality is almost worth the price. Almost.

These are very comfortable, as you can tell from the picture (pulled from the Patagonia website, this is not me) these are relatively low-rise. They don’t ride up or fall down, they fit well, they are moisture-wicking, and they dry really fast. They also feel awesome. If I didn’t love regular cotton underwear, I would wear these everyday.

I take these on hiking trips, and when I will be at a hot, sweaty event, like an outdoor concert or festival. I would definitely recommend these underwear for someone needing moisture-wicking capabilities.

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