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Pearl Izumi ankle attack socks

September 13, 2009

10-6043-WHI-FORMI’ve been a long time supporter of pearl izumi products and have used several of their socks. Performance cycling did a promotion where the first 100 people through the door got a $20 gift card. I couldn’t really find anything else I needed so I decided to try a new style of socks. These have a lower cuff than socks I’m used to and I thought I might like this and if I don’t they didn’t cost me anything. The low profile of this sock could be okay but the sock itself keeps getting bunched up and slides down. They seem to be too wide and have too much bulky stitching in the toe, this is often times an issue for me. It rubs my little toe raw when I wear them, although they boast “ultra fine toe stitching for a comfortable fit”. Maybe I just have sensitive toes but these are pretty uncomfortable for my little piggys. I prefer when a sock cups my heel tightly and these are oversized in the heel so even if you tighten your shoes up properly you still have movement in the heel.

I definitely wouldn’t buy these socks again but at under $5 I don’t really care that much that I wasted the money, especially since I used a gift card. I’ve also recently bought another pair of pearl izumi socks and really liked them.  It would seem that this time they just overlooked a few design issues on this particular model.

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