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The game plan for my first triathlon

September 11, 2009

My initial plan was to participate in a sprint length triathlon. I’ve always been a cyclist and started running regularly at the beginning of the summer. At some point I realized the possibility of taking on such a task. I knew I’d have to start training pretty consistently for this event so I began reading about some different training philosophies and talking to my friends who’d competed in triathlons in the past. The overall consensus was “you should have started training earlier” especially in swimming that is by far my weakest discipline. I’d guess this is most peoples weakest area when it comes to triathlons. I began swimming about 5 weeks before the event, this may have been a mistake but I tried to focus as much as possible on swimming going to the pool between 3 and 5 times a week and assuming I was alright on the biking and running aspects. The biking I didn’t train for at all and the running I just did a few times a week to maintain. My cycling abilities have lost a little but I still think I have some reserves and know what I can do on the bike. My running has also lost a bit but I still think it’ll be okay and my swimming has drastically improved, but is still sub par compared to most.


As I said I initially just wanted to finish. Then during my training I started day dreaming and decided my new goal would be to finish without walking at all. Now a week from my event I’ve decided I want to finish the swim in 12 minutes(which was my estimated time on my entry form) finish the bike in under 45 minutes, and the run in under 30 minutes. I would like to finish the entire thing in under 1hour 45 minutes. And to finish faster than my little sister finished her sprint triathlon.This really has no bearing since all sprints are different slightly but it’s a point of honor to beat my kid sister.


My strategy is to finish the swim and nothing else but to maybe push the last bit and have a strong transition. For the biking I plan on making up a little for the swim but not burn out my legs. How fast I know I can ride in my head and how fast my body will allow me to ride are two different things so I have to hold back a little. My plan for the run is to hold a steady pace and just finish.

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