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Exofficio Underwear (for the ladies)

September 6, 2009

Exofficio UnderwearSome of us wear underwear and some of us  do not. I fall into the category of someone that can be found usually wearing underwear. I was looking for a good alternative for the traditional cotton variety that I tend to fancy. Cotton is not good for hiking and sweating and leaves me wishing for moisture wicking capabilities. I decided to go with the Exofficio variety.

I bought one pair at REI. I went home and tried them on and was horrified about how high they were. I almost couldn’t see my belly button. First upset, then amused, I went online and ordered the pair pictured to the left. These were much better, lower cut, and quite comfortable. Also, another bonus is this particular “boy cut” doesn’t leave the unpleasant panty line under my hiking shorts that can be found with a more traditional cut underwear.

Just a side note, this picture was ripped right from the Exofficio website. I don’t model underwear, much less in some kind of field of shrubs as the background.

I took these underwear on a trip with me to Africa where we had to pack very lightly and I only brought three pair of underwear. Each pair comes in a reusable bag and instructions on how to quickly dry the garment. I would wash these things in a sink (or bucket, or whatever kind of water was around) roll it up in a towel, stomp on it, then hang it up to dry overnight. Even in humid Africa, these things were always dry by the morning.

My only complaints are that the pairs that cut high, are really uncomfortably high cut. They are something my mom would really be comfortable in, though, so I guess it is good that they are making underwear for everyone.

Exofficio also made a sports bra. I couldn’t find it anywhere online, though. I particularly like this sports bra because it is very supportive, and also dries quickly. These are great for traveling and even just wandering around in your hometown.

The price is about $16-$20 for their underwear products, which I think is really high, but I also believe this is a high quality product, so worth the price. This is a pair of underwear that I am going to try not to lose.

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  1. Mary permalink
    September 15, 2009 12:55 PM

    FYI, your links aren’t working.


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