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Sport Beans by jelly belly

September 5, 2009


The only flavor I’ve tried of this product is lemon lime and it tasted pretty good. I tried it during a brick (bike/run) as part of my triathlon training. I carried them along on the run portion of my day and popped a few into my mouth periodically. I don’t know that they made a huge difference for me. I like the jelly beans as an alternative to gels which are kind of gross for the most part. I didn’t really read the ingredients until I got home from my run. Normally I wouldn’t try something that if I didn’t know what was in it but a friend recommended I try these and gave me a pack. The first ingredient is sugar followed by corn syrup. You obviously need some sugar when you’re exercising but I’d prefer to get mine from a sports drink, banana, or soda, a weakness of mine. I also noticed when reading the packaging after my workout that they recommend eating a pack 30 minutes before your workout a few during and a pack after to replenish. I probably wouldn’t do this because as I see it the only reason you’d want to eat these is out of convenience when you’re in the middle of a workout and can’t carry a real meal. I would imagine this is just a way to sell more.

I might try these again when I’m on a long bike ride and can feel the effects more. I’m more in tune with my body while cycling so that may be a better gauge for me.

Serving Size – 1 oz.
Calories – 100
Sodium – 80mg
Potassium – 40mg
Carbohydrates – 25g
Vitamin C – 10% of daily value
Thiamin – 10% of daily value
Riboflavin – 10% of daily value
Niacin – 10% of daily value

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