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MSR Hydration Bladder

September 3, 2009

MSR BladderI purchased this MSR Bladder to accompany my Osprey day hiking pack.

It is safe to say that this bladder does hold water without leaks, but that is about as far as I will go with it’s praise.

When a product does what it is designed to do, that is always a good thing, but the main problem I have with this MSR bladder is the system they use to “hook” the bladder to your bag. Most hydration systems have a mechanism in the center of the unit in which to attach a bladder. Bladders made by Camelbak, for example have a hook on the bladder itself located at the top center, right above the fill cap area. This MSR bladder has no such center hook system, it simply has two grommet-like holes punched into the top, one one on either side. This proved to be especially annoying as I had to rig a system of twist-ties to get this bladder to fit into my bag. This held the bladder up only temporarily making for a very annoyed hiker.

I used this for one trip, then didn’t touch it for a year. Its replacement? A Camelbak bladder with a center hook system.

Why didn’t they think about computability when they produced this bladder?

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  1. Steven Briggs permalink
    March 14, 2010 11:14 PM

    The 2 corner grommets were the selling point for me as my REI pack came with 2 clips in the upper corners for just such an item. It also has a center hook but nice having it hooked up by the corners. Strangly enough I donated it to the porters in Africa last year and REI no longer carries them despite having their packs all rigged for them. Just searching online for a replacement when I camre across this comment.

  2. Ryan permalink
    March 15, 2010 9:39 PM

    I 100% agree. I too have an osprey pack, and a few other packs with a center hang point. I purchased one of the MSR bags to complement my new Hyerflow water filter, and have had the same problems you did. I ditched the MSR bag and have gone back to my Camelbak.

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