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Clif builder’s bar

September 2, 2009


Normally (or I guess ideally would be a better way to put it since I really eat this stuff a lot) I’ll try to stay away from this type of stuff and opt for fresh fruit or nuts instead. There’s a few things that make Clif bars and other type of foods like this appealing to me:

  1. They’re vegan and so am I. I’m usually just looking for a sweet treat and Clif bars are easy to find in almost any grocery store and even some convienence stores.
  2. The builder’s bar had 20g of protein and tastes way better than protein shakes.
  3. On a long ride, run, or hike they are a lot easier to pack than fresh fruit.

It’s great that they taste good but once you have a taste for them you’ll eat them all the time which isn’t really necessary when you aren’t training. They have kind of just become a vegan alternative to candy bars for me. They’re better for you than candy bars but not really the healthiest things in the world either. Since my main attraction to these is the taste I should go over the hierarchy of flavors as I see it:

  1. Vanilla almond-This is nuts and crispy rice covered in vanilla icing, the best by far!
  2. Chocolate mint-This is chocolate covered minty crisp rice, kind of like a peppermint patty flavor.
  3. Cookies n Cream-much like the chocolate flavor with some taste of cream maybe the most decadent tasting.
  4. Peanut butter-crispy rice with a layer of peanut butter then covered in chocolate. This flavor begins to have a little of the chalky taste that protein powders have.
  5. Chocolate-still good with it’s crispy rice chocolate sweetness but even more of the aforementioned protein powder chalkiness.
  6. Lemon– I haven’t seen this flavor anywhere yet but heard about it.

I would recommend these but as with anything else don’t be surprised if you begin eating four or five a day and getting fat. We all know what our body needs and as a vegan I feel like I can use a little more protein and these are a convenient source when your busy.

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