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Specialized bib shorts

September 1, 2009

6428-114_dI believe the exact model is called the BG Pro RBX Bib Short. Besides gloves this is probably the first piece of clothing I’ve ever bought from Specialized and I’m was very pleased, not really thinking of them as an apparel company. A friend recommended them to me and having gone on a tour immediately after purchasing them I put 3000+ miles on them in the first month and half of ownership.

The fieldsensor fabric is a very comfortable fit and doesn’t seem to wear thin after a lot of tugging and adjusting which is a problem for me with other cycling shorts. The chamois looks a little high tech and firmer than most at first glance but turns out to be very comfortable. I think it’s firmness actually makes it more comfortable for spending long hours in the saddle. One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed in the chamois when compared with other shorts is the placement of the chamois. It’s a little further forward making it more comfortable and less bulky. No one is really looking to pad their butt, it’s your crotch that needs the padding. This also seems to make walking around after a ride but before changing clothes more comfortable. This is important in a bib since they aren’t as easy as shorts to take on and off.

The overall design of these shorts has suited my long frame better than other bib shorts in the past have. The actual bib part is very comfortable and conforms well to my body and I don’t really have to think about the fact that I have another layer on my upper body on a hot day. It’s so form fitting and breathable that I don’t really notice.

Recently there is one problem I’ve begun to notice. The stitching around the chamois is coming loose. They claim to have used some special stitching method that minimizes contact on your skin. It would appear the emphasis on minimal stitching has sacrificed some of the durability of the stitching. I probably also used this product harder than it was intended to be used by your typical cyclist who might buy new bib shorts every season and never consider how the old ones would have held up had they not been tossed to the back of the closet never to be heard from again. I ride stuff till it dies and sometimes a little after it’s dead not just till something better comes out.

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