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Trans It saddle bag

August 29, 2009

Trans It Bag

I purchased this Trans It saddle bag from my local Performance Bicycle shop about a year ago.

Reason purchased: Color. I really liked the bright red.

I am not really sure what I paid for this saddle bag, but the size was right and the color was perfect. The fact that I am really REALLY thrifty would lead me to believe that it could not have been more than $10.

Trans It InsideI keep three items in this bag at all times: A spare tube, two tire levers, and a multi-tool. When I go on a long ride, I add in my ID and huge PDA cell phone. Everything fits, but it can get tight.

The only problem thus far:Trans It Frayed Pull A frayed pull seen to the right.

The last few times I have had this on the bike rack, cruising down the highway, I have arrived at my destination to find a little thread, a couple of feet long dangling behind the bike. I suppose if this is the biggest problem, I made a descent purchase.

My overall satisfaction with this item is high. It does what it was intended to do. If it also made sandwiches, I would really give it high marks.

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