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August 28, 2009

In an effort to find a new shoe closure system (as if the old fashion shoe lace is not enough) I decided to try a pair of Yankz! which are not to be confused with Spanx.


I installed the Yankz on my trusty running shoes about three weeks ago after purchasing them from my local City Sports for $7.00. I later found them at another store for $6.50.

There are a few things about Yankz.

  1. They are supposed to be easy to install, however it took me a little while to figure the whole system out. After a trip to You Tube to watch their instructional video, it all came together.
  2. I did not like my color choices. I am sure they come in a multitude of interesting colors, I just haven’t seen them in any stores that I frequent.
  3. I am still trying to get them “just right.” Sometimes they feel too loose, and sometimes they feel too tight. So, I have yet to cut off the excess slack therefore I have a big bulge of elastic laces camping out on top of my shoes.

Yankz installed on my shoes

I have used my Yankz during two triathlons and while I am not the fastest person you will see in the transition area, I am also not the slowest, so when removing my bike shoes, I no longer have to take the time to tie my running shoes, I just slipped them on and off I went. I can say with 100% certainty that using the Yankz took some time off my T2 transition.

Will I continue to use Yankz? Yes, especially for triathlons. I will likely re-lace with traditional laces when triathlon season is over (September 12th for me) and run for the duration of the fall and winter without them.

Overall a good product, I have noticed some competitors and would like to try them out as well. I am eager to get the right tightness of my Yankz so I can cut off all the excess.

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